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Affordable Home Project
Brandon Quinn Sr.
Brandon Quinn Jr.
Affordable Home Project


The Mission

To build affordable homes for marginalized communities especially those who are first time homebuyers, have low-income, or low credit scores.

The Vision

Brandon Jr. was 17 years old when he said, “let’s give a home to a veteran.”  From there in 2023, we began to gather the funds and resources to establish the 501c3 allowing us to seek partners, grants and volunteers to advance this cause.

We have already reached our first milestone by making initial investment, acquiring the land and preparing infrastructure.

Our next phase is to begin building to reach our aggressive goal of giving away the first home on Veterans Day 2023.

Veterans Home Giveaway

QB1 Enterprises is on a mission to support those in need, and this year, they’re doing something truly special for our nation’s veterans. On Veterans Day, November 11, 2023, a deserving veteran or family member of a veteran will be gifted a brand new home at absolutely no cost to them. This initiative is just one example of QB1 Enterprises’ commitment to giving back and supporting those who have sacrificed so much for our country. By providing this life-changing opportunity, QB1 Enterprises hopes to show its deep appreciation for the men and women who have bravely served our nation. Learn more…

The Need

1 out of 10 homeless people are veterans

You Can Help

QB1 is looking for partners to help support affordable housing

The Need

On March 21, The VA announced a goal to house 38,000 veterans in 2023

QB1 Is Working to Address The Issue Of Affordable Housing

Those who have risked their life in service to our country and the freedom our democracy brings have fallen through the cracks and are often overlooked.


1. Build affordable housing
2. Veterans Home Giveaway
3. Connection to Support Services

Additional Services

* Case Management
*Mental Health Support
*Job Training / Placement

What We Need

We seek partner organizations and volunteers that will provide the support our military veterans need.

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